We Make And Sell Portable Wooden Skittle Alleys, Mobile Skittle Alleys And Bowling Alleys


Is it acceptable to copy our products - Please Read

We don’t like copy cats, people who think it’s acceptable to take other companies hard work and designs and then copy their products.  We put hours and hours and years and years of hard work into our designs and products to make our business a great success. If someone needs to copy, then have have no imagination, they think it’s acceptable to steal your hard work, so please think again before copying our work.  

When you are buying our products, you are also agreeing not to copy our work.

Midland Leisure Sales has a legal system in place to deal with anyone/person/company (big or small) with support from ACID.

See Copyright Laws  

Please note we are members of ACID - ANTI COPYING IN DESIGN

Please think before you copy, damages and costs can be expensive.

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