We Make And Sell Portable Wooden Skittle Alleys, Mobile Skittle Alleys And Bowling Alleys

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Midland Leisure Sales (Skittle Alley Sales) is a UK based company and will charge VAT to all UK companies at a current rate of 20%. All items on our website are plus VAT and delivery.  

EU customers will also be charged at the current rate of 20% unless a valid VAT number can be provided at the time of placing the order. This VAT number must show on the International Vies System and must be registered in the customer’s name. All EU orders must be placed online, we do not accept verbal/telephone orders for any EU customers / Ireland customers.


If your business/organization/charity is VAT exempt it is your responsibility to provide written documentation to prove this and we are only able to do this for orders placed online. 



We are unable to check International Vies System whilst we are exhibiting at trade shows and all sales will be charged in UK Pounds (£’s) at the VAT current rate of 20%, we do not except no VAT claim backs for any items purchased at trade shows within the UK.


Trade show offers are only available for limited periods only, your VAT number must be written on the email online order, at the time of placing your order, or your order will be charged at the current VAT rate 20%.



All goods exported from Midland Leisure Sales are done in accordance with UK export laws. As many countries have their own specific requirements it is advised that the customer has their own import agent to arrange the smooth arrival of the goods.



Shipping quotes are given on a job by job basis and will be based on the information provided to us by the customer. Quotes will also specify any duty and taxes included. Please be aware that Midland Leisure Sales is not responsible for the customer’s local taxes and VAT.

Please do not ask to have VAT free items, the answer will be NO.  VAT is charged in accordance to the government rules.


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